Fly Control in Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio

HouseflyIt’s the little things…Odor-producing bacteria living in drains and in grease, fat, or any small gap where water, food and debris collect can attract flies from miles away. Even in winter, when some flies are dormant, other flies like the Fruit Fly and the Phorid Fly can breed inside your kitchen.

Bleach is not the answer. Many people pour bleach down their drains believing that will solve the problem. It may smell better than the odor coming from the drains, mop area and floors, but it will not solve a fly problem.

Biological warfare… We use bacteria of our own to defeat a fly problem. Our microbial cleaners are applied to the source, where bacteria eat, multiply and create odors which attract flies. Flies are notoriously one of the hardest pests to be rid of, but these microbial cleaners and our highly trained technicians who know how to find the source, create the solution to rid you of those annoying pests.