Pest Control Grand Rapids, MI

apartmentWhat better place to live than in Grand Rapids, Michigan? This city has so much to offer residents and visitors alike, from colorful sculpture gardens to zoos, museums, and parks. However, Grand Rapids continues to grow at an impressive rate, not only its human population but also its rodent and insect population. If pests have moved into your home uninvited, Protec Termite and Pest Control knows exactly what to do.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are sneaky pests that attack you while you're sleeping. These pests come out mostly at night to feed before quietly moving back to their hiding spots under mattresses, in carpeting and other areas. Bed bugs have a reddish brown appearance and grow to about 1/8 of an inch in length. They breed rapidly and can quickly infest homes, businesses, schools, and hotels.

Our pest control professionals use highly effective treatments to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. We'll perform a thorough inspection and provide helpful tips on how to prevent a reinfestation in the future.


Rodents transmit diseases such as the hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and the plague. They squeeze through cracks and gaps around the home and make their way indoors where they contaminate your living spaces with feces and urine. Because rodents breed rapidly, it doesn't take long for their population to grow and to take over your home. Without professional assistance, it can become difficult to combat an infestation in the walls, attics, and basements.

We stay informed of the safest and most effective ways to eliminate rodents without harming your family. Our professional team will inspect for rodents, treat an infestation and use preventative techniques to keep out future pests.


Termites do massive damage in a short time and consume wooden buildings, furniture, fences and more. They eat to support their ever-growing colony and cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in damages if they're not eliminated. These small, invasive pests look a lot like ants with big heads and can attack your home from above and below the ground.

We specialize in termite control in Grand Rapids and use both curative and preventative methods to combat these pests. We conduct thorough inspections, destroy the colony from within and seal and treat your home to stop termites from coming back and causing more damage.

Grand Rapids Pest Control

Contact Protec Termite and Pest Control to get a free quote and to set up an appointment with our professional technicians. Ignoring the pests or attempting to treat them with do-it-yourself methods will only cost you more time, money and damages. Let our certified and experienced technicians inspect your home for rodents, termites, and bed bugs and eliminate the infestation once and for all.