Fremont, OH Pest Control

The city of Fremont, Ohio, is a lush area with the Sandusky River running through its east side. The river flows northeast into Sandusky Bay, which is part of Lake Erie. The climate in the area meets with the average temperatures and humidity across the country. There are also many vacation spots nearby, including amusement park Cedar Point. All of these factors make Fremont an ideal home for rodents, bed bugs and termites. Learn more about how these pests are harmful to your family and home.


Being so close to ports makes Fremont vulnerable to rodents that hitch rides on ships. Mice and rats can crawl through some of the smallest spaces, including those that are only the size of a quarter. They're also more than just a nuisance.

Rodents can cause considerable damage to buildings and other property. They chew through walls, boxes and wires, which can start destructive fires. Mice and rats can destroy local agriculture as well.

In addition, they contaminate food with their feces, urine, saliva and fur. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rodents can carry hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which is linked to fatalities. Aside from carrying diseases themselves, rats and mice make great hosts for fleas. These insects also spread diseases such as lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus.

For these reasons, it's recommended that you don't try to deal with rodents on your own. Handling them can be dangerous.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs aren't strangers to Fremont either. They can pop up anywhere because they travel in people's luggage, grocery bags, shoes, clothes, boxes and on pets. They aren't picky about how they get from one point to another. They simply go where there's food, which is your and your family members' blood.

More than anything, bed bugs are very annoying because of their bites. You might develop itchy, red welts and swelling at the sites. While some people don't have reactions to bed bugs, others develop rashes. If a rash becomes infected, it's important to get medical attention.

Although bed bugs aren't known to transmit diseases, it could still happen. Also, it's important to deal with a bed bug problem as soon as possible. The females can lay up to five eggs a day, which can turn into an infestation rather quickly.


In general, termites prefer tropical climates because they tend to develop the right living conditions. However, these pests are a problem wherever there's wooden structures, soil, fallen timber and decayed trees.

Subterranean termites make their colonies in the soil underneath or near wood. They build mud tunnels to gain access to the wood, which is their food source. This species prefers softwoods but eats other types too.

Drywood termites live in the wood that they eat, and they don't require much moisture in their diet. They can even infest furniture and walls.

Since cellulose-based plant materials are a termite's source of nutrition, a large colony can cause massive amounts of damage to homes regardless of their construction type. The queens of some species can lay millions of eggs in one year, making termite control a priority if you suspect a problem.

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