Pest Control Adrian, OH

Bedbug 5If you live in or near Adrian, Ohio, you likely enjoy residing in a quiet neighborhood that has friendly people. Those who prefer climates that change with the seasons will also like living here. While this town is perfect for the people who love to call it home, it has a pest problem of which you need to be aware. Rodents, bed bugs, termites, and other pests will get into your home or place of business unless you take steps to safeguard yourself from the threat. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to protecting your property from unwanted guests, the following information will help.


Rats, mice and other rodents can get into your home when you least expect it, and they can cause a lot of damage before you spot them. They can chew on wires and create a fire hazard, but rodents also carry and transmit harmful pathogens. When rodents enter a place of business, they put the establishment at risk of being shut down by the Health Department. Also, if you run a business and face a rodent infestation, the pests can harm your reputation because your customers will be hesitant to come back.

Bed Bugs

Nobody wants to think that bed bugs could infest their home, but everyone is at risk. Once these pests get inside of your house, they will build a nest and wait for you to fall asleep. They will then come out to feed, leaving red marks behind. Getting rid of bed bugs by yourself won't be easy, and failing to contain the problem will let it spread. When you are in charge of a business and don't want to harm your bottom line, taking steps to solve a possible bed bug problem the moment you notice it is vital.


Termites can get into a home and inflict structural damage before the residents know that something is out of place, and you don't want to become a victim. When termites are ready to invade a new home, they can tunnel through the ground and enter from the floor. If you think that termites have gotten into your home, look for buckling floors, wood shavings, and discarded wings. Termites can damage businesses and make them less appealing to prospects, which can impact your profitability. In the worst case, officials could determine that your building is unsafe and shut it down.

Final Thoughts

When pests decide to strike and you want to keep yourself out of harm's way, you need the touch of a caring expert. The team at Protec Termite & Pest Control will do what it takes to find, identify and eliminate the pests that have invited themselves into your home or office. The pests won't stand a chance when our team arrives at your door. Because we want to provide each client with breathtaking results, we only use the best tools and pesticides on the market. If you have questions or would like to get a free quote, you can pick up the phone and give us a call.